Carlos Montoya

Email: carlos.m@sbcglobal.net

Carlos joined our staff in  April, 2005 and served as Youth Pastor. He now serves as our full time Lead Pastor. He believes that it is up to each of us as followers of Christ to make disciples. He sums up Matthew 28:19-20 in three words, Save-Equip -Send.  We are to be disciples making disciples, which is why he is passionate about our Life Groups.  He says “Relationships are key to being a Christian. When we surrender our lives to the glory of Christ, instantly we become a part of His family. Scripture defines God’s people as a body, where each member is necessary for the well-being of the whole. We need one another.”​​

Paul Roy
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Facilities Ministry and Benevolence Ministry
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Communications Ministry and Sports Ministry
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Events Ministry and Children's Education Ministry
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Computer Management & Finance Ministry
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Service Ministry and Sports Ministry
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