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Welcome! Valley Christian Church is an action-oriented bilingual community dedicated to loving God and loving others.

When you visit Valley Christian Church, you’ll immediately sense a uniquely warm and welcoming atmosphere. We envision our gatherings as an accepting space where anyone can discover a genuine connection with God! (Romans 15:7)


Our mission is to perform acts of service in the name of Jesus to show love and shine light.

Our inspiration is Jesus of Nazareth, who blended his life-changing message with genuine acts of love. As we follow in his footsteps, we see people being drawn to the same divine love and grace that has transformed our lives. You’re invited to join us in this mission!

Our passion is to share an authentic, life-changing message of hope–in a world where hope seems rare and fleeting.

Our message encompasses five aspects: God, Jesus, scriptures, mission, and rebirth.

YOU are welcome here!

Gathering Times

Bible study: Sundays at 9:30 am

Worship: Sundays at 10:45 am  (click here to watch online)

Small group: Wednesdays at 7 pm


1411 La Vista Ave

Concord, CA 94521

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